Thursday, September 18, 2014

New Family Charts 80 & 81

In June, we received a Google Alert about the death of Edward Paske who was born in Phoenix, Arizona, USA. Edward was the son of Frank and Jeanette Paske née Rozwalka, and the husband of Laurie LaMond Paske.

We did some research, and found not one family, but two separate PASKE families who immigrated to Chicago. Interestingly, this took us to completely different locations researched previously. As a result there are now two new family charts:

  Chart 80: Unknown Paske, was born in Germany, and married c1880. He immigrated to Chicago, America. He had three sons, and a daughter.
Chart 81: Frank Paskewicz was born in Lithuania, and married Anna Cibulskis c1867. Their son John Kajetan Paske immigrated to Chicago, Illinois, America. For more information on this progenitor, see
Whilst neither had the name of PASKE originally, the name has evolved, and resulted in several generations of PASKEs in modern America.

Hopefully, through the powers of the internet, we will be in contact with the current generations of these families.