Saturday, September 06, 2014

Monmouthshire PASK(E) Wills

This information relates to
  Chart 49: Charles Pask (1760-1833) who lived in Dingestow, and Cwmcarvan, Monmouthshire, and
Chart 42: William Pask (c1720- ) who lived in Cwmcarvan, Monmouthshire

In an endeavour to find documental evidence of the connection between the Pask(e) families who lived in Monmouthshire, we have been looking at the Llandaff Probate Records 1568-1857, available at the National Library of Wales.

This was a very positive search, and the images of the wills of 13 Pask(e)s are available on the National Library of Wales website, in the wills section. In date order they are:

  1. Phillip Pask 1713 from Cwmcarfan
  2. Maud Paske 1719 widow from Cwmcarfan 
  3. Charles Pask 1726 from Cwmcarfan
  4. William Paske 1744 from Cwmcarfan 
  5. Charles Pask 1806 from Cwmcarfan
  6. Mary Pask 1809 from Tryleg
  7. Charles Paske 1820 from Cwmcarvan - Transcript available
  8. Charles Paske 1825 from Cwmcarvan
  9. William Paske 1829 from Cwmcarfan
    - Transcript available
  10. Charles Paske 1833 from Dingestow
    Could be Charles Paske
  11. Mary Paske 1833 spinster from Cwmcarfan 
  12. Martha Paske née Vaughan 1837 widow from Cwmcarfan
  13. William Paske 1855 from Llangyfiw
Where the person's name is underlined, this is a link to the Pask(e) website. The year refers to the probate date. A direct link to the record at the National Library of Wales website is provided after each name.

As time allows, we will include the information from the wills into our database. If anyone purchases a will (at the cost of £3.50 from the National Library of Wales website), we would appreciate a copy of the document. Also if you have transcribed the will, we would appreciate a copy of the transcript.