Thursday, December 09, 2010

PASKs of Suffolk Volume II - Updated

This information relates to the main Suffolk tree - descendants of John & Mirabel Pask née Sparrow, in particular the descendants of their second son Daniel, and his wives Elizabeth Pask née Manning, and Mary Pask née Peachey.

The latest version of Suffolk Volume II is now available from There is an additional 51 pages and 41 photographs. The book is now 223 pages, with 101 photographs. This has increased the cost to 9.50, plus postage.

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Many thanks to those who have contributed to the update: 
  • Karen Hemmingham née Dorling - Information on Mary PASK, who married Jarvis Holmes DORLING, and their descendants.
  • Myra Askew / Brian Huggett  - Descendants of William Henry & Esther Elizabeth PASKE née HUGGETT.
  • Jeff Flack - Information on the descendants of Albert & Ann PASK née REEVES.
  • John & David Pask - Information on the descendants of Harold William & Doris Joan PASK née PASK
  • Jane Hutchinson - Information on the descendants of Alec Frederick & Ethel Jane PASK née BEVIS
  • Emily Pask - Information on the descendants of Frederick & Jane PASK née BOREHAM
Details of all Pask Publications are available on the Pask website, or on the Lulu website. The books can be ordered for delivery in any country, in the currency of your choice. Alternatively they are available as a download.

If you would like to purchase this revised Volume II, and do not feel happy about ordering it through the internet, contact us and will purchase it on your behalf.