Thursday, December 30, 2010

New DNA Test Results

This information relates to the main Suffolk tree - descendants of John & Mirabel Pask née Sparrow, in particular the descendants of their second son Daniel, and his wives Elizabeth Pask née Manning, and Mary Pask née Peachey.

A new DNA test result (kit number 192294) has arrived for a descendant of Daniel & Elizabeth Pask née Manning. This matches with the results (kit number 125478) received two years ago from another descendant. The two testers are 5th cousins once removed. So this is very positive news.

We really need another test completed on one of the descendants of John & Mirabel Pask née Sparrow's other son John, who married Catherine Kippen, to establish and confirm that this is the DNA string for the main Suffolk tree.

The results can be seen on the Family Tree DNA website in the Pask DNA Project.

Thank you all concerned for taking part in the project.