Saturday, September 01, 2007

PASKEs of India

This information relates to the yellow-icon tree - descendants of John Paske c1600, who lived in Cambridgeshire - his son John married Mary GOLDSBOROW.

As a follow on from the previous blog on this branch of the PASKEs, Colleen Willis has again come up with some very interesting information. She pointed me to a source not previously searched - the British Library website, in the India Office Records.

It took me several minutes to find what Colleen was referring to. Even knowing it was there, the website was not intuitive. However it was worth persevering. The trick is to search the home page of the British Library for the India Office Records, then look for the sentence

The India Office Family History Search database contains around 300,000 records for British and European people in India between 1600 and 1949.

If you use the search option at the top of the webpage, it just takes you back to the British Library search that has 33 records relating to books written by Paskes, or about Paskes. However using the hyperlink India Office Family History Search, it provides 20 detailed records, providing some births, marriages, and deaths and some biographies. For example for

Thomas Theophilus PASKE
Madras Army; bap 9 Oct 1789, Barking, Suffolk, s
of George & Ann L/MIL/9/112 f.351; retired 15 Oct 1838 d 20 Feb 1860 -
Memorial inscription, Lansdown Cemetery, Bath; m Susan Amelia 1821 (b 1801);
Anne b 4 Sep 1822; Ellen b 1824, d 1847; Theophilus b 1826; John b 1827; William
b 1828; Edward b 1829; Charles b 1830; Fanny b 21 Mar 1832, d 11 Oct

Sincere thanks to Colleen - this was a great find.