Tuesday, September 11, 2007

James Morton Pask - Ashantee Medal for Sale

This information relates to Chart 39, the descendants of Thomas Pask, (1766 - b1851), who lived in St. Pancras.

Martin Brady contacted us yesterday. He is not related, however very interested in military history.

Earlier this year, we researched James Morton Pask, after receiving information from David Noden from the Department of Africa, Oceania and Americas in the British Museum - see blog titled James Morton Pask (1848 - 1930) - British Museum. You can imagine our delight when Martin Brady provided us with some very interesting information on a medal that belonged to James.

Martin advised that JM Pask’s Ashantee medal was currently for sale on the website J Collins Medals Limited. A picture, and description reads:

Ashantee 1873-4 (J M Pask, BA, Navl Instr, RN, HMS Druid, 73-74) James Morton Pask was appointed Naval Instructor, Royal Navy 28 March 1872 he joined HMS Druid the same day. Mr Pask retired from the Royal Navy 30 March 1900 after 28 years service, this is his only medal.

Unfortuntely the cost of £450 prohibits us purchasing it. However if anyone is interested they should contact J Collins Medals Limited.

James Morton Pask was born on 24 February 1848. He was the son of James & Ellen Pask née Villiers or Levy.

Sincere thanks to Martin for providing this information. In 2005, he kindly provided photographs of John & Agnes Pask's Grave in Southend-on-Sea Cemetery. John Pask was born in 1838 in Thundersley, Essex. He was the son of James Horton & Julia Pask née Asplin, and was an Able Seaman (AB) on HMS Agamemnon in the Crimea war.