Sunday, April 01, 2007

Pasques of Cumbria

This information relates to Chart 29, the descendants of Thomas Pasque of Theberton Suffolk.

Nathan Pasque wrote to me in March, and explained:

My granddad was Fredrick Ernest Pasque who lived in Cumbria and worked on Lord Lonsdale's estate as a stable lad and his father was a game keeper.

Nathan provided sufficient information to establish that Frederick was the son of Frederick James S. & Lily Jane Pasque née Munday. Frederick James Spicer Pasque was born in 1884 in Blythburgh, Suffolk. He was the son of George Spicer & Gertrude Pasque née Saunders. George was also a game keeper. This family has been well researched by Herbert Bunt (see previous blog Herbert Bunt - BBC 1 Television Programme), Martin Elmy, and Valerie Francis.

Nathan is the 7 x great-grandson of Thomas Pasque who was the Parish Clerk of Theberton Suffolk.