Monday, April 02, 2007

John & Elizabeth Pask née White continued

This information relates to a Gloucestershire family, currently unconnected to a main branch.

As detailed in the previous blog John & Elizabeth Pask née White - Gloucestershire, Bob Shewman wrote from Ontario Canada regarding this family that originated from Cheltenham.

The information provided by Bob has now been included in the database, and includes that John Pask was born in 1834 in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire. He was a Bootmaker. He married Elizabeth White, daughter of Thomas Cotton and Priscilla White, on 4 July 1868 in Bretforton, Worcestershire. His father was listed as Philip Pask, a Farmer. However currently I am unable to find Philip.

John & Elizabeth, and their four children Harry George, Tom [or Samuel], Mary, and infant Elizabeth May immigrated to Canada in c1882. John died shortly afterwards when he was killed by a railway train on 27 June 1883 in Trenton, Hastings County, Ontario. Elizabeth then married James Meacham on 16 October 1883.

Bob has also provided extensive information on their four children. This information will be available on the website in the next update.