Sunday, December 10, 2006

Descendants of John & Susan Pask née Empingham

Fred L. Taylor wrote to us last week, as he very surprised to see his Aunt & Godmother Gladys May Pask listed incorrectly. Since then, together with Fred, we have corrected the information, and found that she was the great grand-daughter of John & Susan Pask née Empingham who lived in Timberland, Lincolnshire.

John was born in 1776 in Gautby, Lincolnshire. In the 1851 census, he was listed as a Chelsea Pensioner. He married Susan Empingham on 21 February 1822, at the comparatively late age of 46, and they had seven children:

  1. Richard Pask b. 17 Nov 1822, d. Apr 1900
  2. Joseph Pask b. 1824, d. 1901
  3. Hannah Pask b. 14 Dec 1826
  4. Margaretta Pask b. 18 Oct 1829
  5. Ann Pask b. 1831, d. Feb 1833
  6. Ruth Pask b. 1831
  7. Edward Pask b. 1834 d. 1919

Their youngest son Edward married Elizabeth Bradshaw, and they had seven children. Their youngest son was also Edward (1872-1923), who married Fanny Maria Ardron in Lincoln. Edward and Fanny were Gladys' parents.

Fred has provided valuable information on this family, as the children were mostly born between 1902 and 1911 - a difficult period to research. With his detailed information we have been able to group together Edward & Fanny's family:

  1. Doris Eliza Pask b. 2 Nov 1902, d. 19 May 1972
    Doris emigrated to Australia
  2. Gladys May Pask b. 12 May 1904, d. 7 Mar 1994
  3. Mable Pask b. 10 Mar 1906, d. 15 Nov 1988
  4. Edward Leslie Pask b. 11 May 1908, d. 24 May 1936
  5. Joseph Pask b. 1 Feb 1913, d. 28 Oct 1931
  6. Kathleen Pask b. 8 Dec 1914, d. 19 Nov 2004

Their youngest daughter Kathleen was Fred's mother.

This information has been included in the database, and will be updated in the next website update. Sincere thanks to Fred for sharing his research.