Monday, August 14, 2017

Descendants of James Pask from New Zealand

James Pask (1835-1905) originated from Essex. He was the eldest son of of James Horton Pask and Julia Asplin. His father immigrated to Melbourne, Australia in 1855, and James joined him there. 

He married his first wife, Maria Mitchell in 1861 Melbourne. James and Maria then immigrated to Wellington, New Zealand, where Maria died in 1869.  They had five children.

James then married Mary Allen in 1870. They went on to have nine children - James had 14 children altogether.

Dianne Baird née Pask is the 2 x grand-daughter of James. We have been corresponding with Dianne since 2 January 2002. She has been a major resource in compiling this family. 

On 30 July, Dianne created a new Facebook Group - Keeping Up With The Pasks, which focuses on the descendants of James.

In a very short space of time, 49 members have joined - well done! 

With the help of Dianne, Caroline Churchill, and several of the Facebook Group, we have been able to increase the number of James' descendants. Initially, we had 205. This has now been increased to 228. 

These new descendants can be seen on the Pask website. See
Chart 10: Essex Main Progenitor - John PASK, (1771-1847) Thundersley, Essex #2493

Please note: Detailed narratives are available for deceased descendants - their name are underscored in the chart. Only names appear for 'living' people - their names are not underscored. 

If you have any corrections, or additional information, we would welcome your information. Please contact us at; or join the Facebook Group Keeping Up With The Pasks.