Tuesday, April 11, 2017

The Wonders of DNA

As detailed in the previous blog Family Chart 11 - Descendants of John Pask from Gautby Lincolnshire on 10 March, we were fortunate to recruit a male to do a Y-DNA test. 

The results were received this morning, and are worth their weight in gold! It established that John Pask (c1745-1793) is linked to the main PASK Lincolnshire progenitor. 

John is the progenitor of Chart 11: John PASK, (c1745-1793) married Elizabeth FOUNTAIN and they lived in Gautby, Lincolnshire #7697. His 521 descendants will now be assigned to Chart 01.  

Thoroughout March, and early April, we have been reviewing the 523 people assigned to Chart 11, trying to find a possible link. Fortunately the DNA result has now given us which family to focus on, as Chart 01 families originated in Washington in the late 1500s, and then Wellingore in the early 1700s, spreading throughout Lincolnshire in the mid 1700s. 

A superb result - sincere thanks to the Y-DNA Tester. Our findings will be included in the next website update.

If you are interested in doing a DNA test - there are now tests available for males and females. Do get in touch.