Thursday, August 13, 2015

Link between Chart 42 and Chart 01

This information relates to the descendants of William Pask (c1720- ) who lived in Cwmcarvan, Monmouthshire.

This information relates to the main Lincolnshire tree - descendants of Johannis [John] and Elizabeth Pask née Archer, who lived in Lincolnshire.

Last week we had some exciting, and mind-blowing news. There is probably a link between Chart 42 Monmouthshire, and Chart 01 Lincolnshire.

We were investigating Stuart's DNA Family Finder (Autosomal) results, and realised that there was a match with someone who is a descendant of Caroline Amelia Paske, from Family Chart 42 of Monmouthshire. Whilst the relationship is distant - perhaps 8th or 10th cousin, it indicates that probably their common ancestor William Pask c1720 originated from Lincolnshire, and was not linked to the other Monmouthshire families.

We are currently including the descendants of Caroline Amelia into the Pask database. She married Robert Henry Silvester in 1871. Currently their four children are not included. We hope to have them, and their 60+ descendants included in the next website update.

In the meantime, we appeal to anyone in Family Chart 42 with a living PASK(E) male to persuade them to take a Y-DNA test. We have several matching test results in Family Chart 01, but no one has taken a Y-DNA test in Family Chart 42.

Alternatively, if any females in Family Chart 42 would like to take a Family Finder test, this would provide us with more indicators that there is a definite link between Family Chart 01, and Family Chart 42.

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