Wednesday, September 12, 2012

DNA Testing for Pa(r)s(k)(e)(que)

This information relates to Chart 29, the descendants of Thomas Pasque, (c1700-1754) who lived in Theberton, Suffolk.

As a result of the recent successful DNA testing, Roy Parsk has kindly agreed to do a DNA test for Chart 29. This is particularly an interesting family as there has been numerous spellings of the name.

Thomas Pasque married Ann Knighting on 8 June 1732 in Theberton, Suffolk. Thomas was the Parish Clerk there. His 220+ descendants span 11 generations, and have many variants of the name, including Pa(r)s(k)(e)(que). This family has been extensively researched by several, including Herbert Bunt, Martyn K. Elmy, Valerie Francis, Kevin Parsk, Roy Parsk, and Geraldine Edwards.

Roy's own ancestors had the names of PARSK, PASQUE, PIRSK, and PASK. Whilst most of them originated from Suffolk, there are family rumours that they came from Essex. Let's hope the DNA testing will confirm there is a connection between this family and one of the main progenitors.

Many thanks to Roy for agreeing to do the DNA test and for allowing us to publish his name in the hope of encouraging other male Pa(r)s(k)(e)(que) to come forward and volunteer to do the test. It is strongly recommened that more than one person from each group take the test.