Tuesday, June 19, 2012

PASKs & PASKEs Statistics

Just recently we were asked how may PASKs are living.

We estimate that there are around 1,300 PASKs, and 800 PASKEs living around the world.

In the UK there are 1200 PASKs, and only 150 PASKEs. 
In Austrialia there are 200 PASKs, and only 35 PASKEs.
Whilst in America there are 400 PASKs, however the PASKEs are more dominant with 610 PASKEs.

We currently have 15,000 Pa(r)s(k)(e)(que) people (or descendants of) in our database however details of living people are not included online.

If you have the name PASK, or PASKE, or any of the derivatives, and have not already been in contact with us, do let us know - we may need to adjust our estimates!

This was based on information from the websites: