Friday, April 06, 2012

Website Updated 6 April 2012

The website was updated today Friday 6 April. There are only 12 new narratives added since the last update, making a total of 9,312 detailed narratives now available on the website - although there was an increase of 170 people, making of total of 14,721 people in our database, that includes living people.

The focus of this update was

The updates included relate to the following charts / family groups:

Chart 03: Indented Chart - Lincolnshire Main Progenitor - Johannis [John] PASK, (c1545 - ) wife Elizabeth ARCHER lived in Washingborough, Lincolnshire #1597
Chart 06: Indented Chart - Unknown PASK lived in Kedington, Suffolk #13655
Chart 23: Edward PASK, (1771-1836) lived in Barholm, Lincolnshire #3043 
Chart 42: William PASK (c1720- ) lived in Cwmcarvan, Monmouthshire #10869

A full list of the recent changes to the narratives is available in the New or Changed Narratives section.