Thursday, March 22, 2012

Post 2005 Birth, Marriage, and Deaths

As a member of the Guild of One-Name Studies, and also the Editor of their quarterly magazine Journal of One-Name Studies, I was very fortunate to be the first person to benefit from a new project that the Guild is running - GRO Post-2005 BMD Transcription Project.

This project, coordinated by Marilyn Johnson, transcribes the General Register Office (GRO) 2006-2010 births, marriages, and deaths. Prior to 2006 the indexes are now available on numerous pay-to-view websites. However post 2005, the indexes are only available in seven Libraries and Archive Centres. As many of the Guild members, including myself, are unable to get to these seven locations, other Guild volunteers will transcribe requested surnames. I hasten to add that you must be a member of the Guild of One-Name Studies and have registered that surname.

Subsequently in February I received the PASK, PASKE, and PASQUE records, kindly transcribed by Gordon Tuff and Christina Luckings. There were:

119 Births (2006-2010)
 78  Marriages (2006-2009)
105 Deaths (2006-2010)
It was like birthdays, Christmas, marriage challenges, all rolled into one!

I have been slowly, but surely, including this information into the PASK database. Whilst you will not see the detailed information on the births and marriages on the website, the deaths will be shown in the next website update. However the relevant children, and spouses, will be shown on the appropriate charts.

My sincerest thanks to Gordon, Christina, and Marilyn. I know how laborious a task this is - but oh so very much appreciated.