Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Chart 19 merged with Chart 01 - DNA Evidence

This information relates to Chart 19, the descendants of William Paske, (c1695- ) who lived in Wellingore, Lincolnshire.
This information relates to one of the Lincolnshire main families - John Pask (1760-1826), and Alice Woodcock (Stuart's own ancestors) who lived in Great Gonerby, Lincolnshire.

Yesterday we received the 67-marker DNA test results for John Henry Pask and Stuart. The e-mail read:

You matched 63 out of 67 loci. This means that there is a 99% likelihood you share a common ancestor in a genealogical time frame.
On this basis, we looked again at John & Stuart's trees. John (Chart 19) has traced his family back to William & Susanna PASKE, who lived in Wellingore Lincolnshire in the 1720s. Stuart (Chart 01) has traced his family back to John Pask (1760-1826) of Great Gonerby, Lincolnshire.

In 2005, one of our longstanding researchers Eileen Flynn wrote: "As I looked through the Great Gonerby transcript and saw again the burial of Thomas Pask who was crushed by a wheel, 8 May 1829, aged 65 years, I felt strongly again that he could well be the Thomas Pask who was baptised in 1764 at Wellingore and that his brother John, baptised in 1755 at Wellingore, is our John. I know John's age at death was given as 66 in 1826, but we know how unreliable given death ages can be. It is interesting that at the time Pasks are moving away from Wellingore and disappearing from the records, our John and Alice are getting married at Wilsford just 8-9 miles south of Wellingore, and after having William at Ancaster, move south about 8 miles into Great Gonerby, presumably for better job prospects. We'll probably never be able to find out for sure, but it's interesting to imagine."

We think that Eileen's assumptions linked now with the DNA evidence confirms that John (1755- ) of Wellingore, and John (1760-1826) of Great Gonerby are the same person, and that his brother Thomas (1764- ) of Wellingore and Thomas (1767-1829) of Great Gonerby are the same person.

On this basis, John is Stuart's 6th cousin, once removed.

Subsequently Chart 19 has been merged with Chart 01. There are now 1010 people in Chart 01 spanning 11 generations. This will be reflected in the next website update.