Thursday, April 15, 2010

Lasting Tribute

As a follow-on from yesterday's blog titled Australia's Largest Online Memorial, the Guild of One-Name Studies also mentioned last week a similar site in the UK - Lasting Tribute.

There are 35 Pask, Paske, and Pasque entries, although several are duplicated. In the past we have included some from Lasting Tribute, however the website is growing in popularity and now includes a lot more. These include:
  • PASK, Jeffrey from Swansea
  • PASK, Lavina from Nottingham
  • PASK, Ada May from Nottingham
  • PASK, Ida May from Nottingham
  • PASK, Marjorie from Grimsby
  • PASK, Bernard from Bath
  • PASK, Phyllis Daisy from Hull
  • PASK, Barbara Mary from Bristol
  • PASK, John from Grimsby
  • PASK, Louise from Grimsby
  • PASK,  Clare Louise from Grimsby
  • PASK ? from Derby
  • PASK, Michael Ivan from Leicestershire
  • PASKE, Gwendoline Hilda from Bristol
  • PASKE, Reginald George Bristol
  • PASKE Dennis Albert Bristol
  • PASKE, Brunhilde (Helga) Maria Christina Bristol
  • PASQUE-BISHOPRICK, Hilary from Hull
Over the course of time, these tributes will be included in the database, and updated on the website.