Saturday, October 31, 2009

PASK Hunting Horn

We received an e-mail from Patrick Button, who lives in Durban, South Africa.

He wrote:

I have in my possession a hunting horn from a great uncle in England, who was a huntsman. The horn is stamped Pask Maker London and I have now been able to identify and date it.

... in case you are aghast at its battered condition please be reminded that it appears to have been a real working tool for many years (!)

Patrick also provided a picture of his great-grandfather Huntsman Thomas Leonard Imms (1839 -1928) who used the Pask Maker London hunting horn at Clandon Park and Merrow, Surrey.

Thomas Leonard Imms was also Huntsman with the Norfolk Stag Hounds as well as the Brighton and Knaphill Harriers. He is said to have hunted with the then Prince of Wales, Edward, who frequented Clandon Park and Merrow.

Patrick provided more information on the possible dates:

I have listed three names & dates of successive IMMS huntsman to the Earls of Onslow, who lived at Clandon Park near Guildford, Surrey.

James Imms 1773 or 1774 - 1846
Thomas Leonard Imms 1811-1879
Thomas Leonard Imms 1839-1928**

The latter was my great grandfather** and it was from him that the Pask Maker hunting horn is supposed to have come. Assuming that the dates of the Pask company span from 1840-1871, it seems that this horn may have been acquired and used by Thomas Leonard Imms (1811-1879) and passed down in the family.

This photo is from another similar horn. However Patrick's horn does not have the "& Koenig" part of the stamping, the rest, including the British coat of arms is the same, even the font is identical.

If anyone has any additional information about the PASK company, we would be very interested, and will pass it on to Patrick.