Sunday, September 13, 2009

Power of DNA

This information relates to Chart 6 - Peter & Catherine Pask née Frost, born 1739 in Kedington, Suffolk.

In May, we exchanged information with Raymond Pask of Australia - see the blog titled
Descendants of James & Charlotte Mary Pask née Chaffin. Raymond kindly agreed to do a DNA test. When his results came back they matched exactly with another Pask, also living in Australia. Raymond did not know of his existance.

A fortnight ago Raymond, together with his brother Edward met Colin Pask, and his sister. They established that their grandparents Henry James Pask, and Arthur Pask were brothers. The family had immigrated to Australia in the late 1890s.

If you are a male Pask, and are interested in doing a DNA test, do contact us, and we will explain the technicalities, costs, and outcome. Alternatively look at the webpage Pask DNA Project for more information.