Monday, August 10, 2009

Pask DNA Project

There are now nine DNA test results available relating to the following family charts:

Chart 02: Descendants of John Pask of Wickhambrook, Suffolk

Chart 03: Descendants of John Pask of Washingborough

Chart 04: Descendants of Isaac Pask of Monmouthshire

Chart 06: Descendants of Peter Pask of Kedington, Suffolk

Chart 10: Descendants of John Pask of Thundersley, Essex

Chart 30: Descendants of James Pask of Bardney, Lincolnshire

Chart 41: Descendants of James Pask of Finsbury, London

Chart 47: Descendants of Robert Pask (Pass) of Frieston, Lincolnshire

A comparison of all the test results is available in the PASK DNA Project section.

Suprisingly only two people have matched - in Chart 03. However, a recent test of a descendant of Peter Pask (Chart 06) has matched with a Pask not currently in the Pask DNA Project. So we are hoping that another match will be listed in the near future.

We encourage male Pask, Paske, Parsk, and Pasque and the derivatives to take the 37-marker Y DNA test. To achieve maximum benefits we encourage 2-3 males from each family tree detailed on the Charts list to participate.