Saturday, April 11, 2009

Peter Pask - Waterloo

Recently Stephen Pask of Australia was searching military records in Find My Past. He found a Pask who fought at Waterloo:

Private Peter Pask fought in Captain Wood's Light Infantry unit of the 1st Battalion 4th (King's Own) Regiment. This regiment has some ties to Yorkshire but does not necessarily mean this man came from there.

He was awarded the Waterloo Medal which was awarded to all ranks who fought in the battle.
We searched our records, and found 27 Peter Pasks in the database. However, only 1-2 likely. Based on the battle being on 18 June 1815, it could be:

Peter Pask born 1770 in Stoke by Clare, Suffolk - perhaps too old
Peter Pask born 1803 in Flempton cum Hargrave, Suffolk - probably too young
On the other hand it could be neither. Family stories like this would be passed down through the generations. We are in touch with descendants of both of the above families, and they are ardent researchers. They would be aware of this if it was their Peter Pask.