Sunday, August 10, 2008

Website Update 9 August 2008

The website was updated on Saturday 9 August. This update includes:

  • Additional information on the descendants of Philip & Rosetta Pask née Keen, including images from the family bible provided by Alan Michael Pask at the Pask Family Gathering.
  • Transcript of Pask Monumental Inscriptions at Wickhambrook, Great & Little Whelnetham, provided by Jo Pask. She visited these graveyards on Monday 28 July 2008 with Dorothy Pask.
  • Transcript & images of Pask Monumental Inscriptions at Wickhambrook, provided by Barry Pask, at the Pask Family Gathering. Barry has provided a lot more photographs, and information. This will be included in the near future.
  • Information from Gareth Paske, who is a descendant of Charles Oliver Thomas Dechiemery & Harriet Paske née Stephens of Bristol.
  • Information from Melanie Carter, provided as a result of the Pask Family Gathering, on the descendants of Thomas & Hephzibah Pask née Tyte.
  • Marriage transcripts provided by Peter Copsey, as part of the Guild of One-Name Studies Marriage Challenge - these include
    Arthur Henry Pask and Jenny Mace Clayton who married in St. Saviour, Brixton Hill, London on 17 May 1911;
    Arthur William Pask and Florence May Wells who married in St. Philip, Lambeth, London on 18 May 1911;
    Charles Pask and Alice Louisa Weeks, who married in St. Matthew, Brixton, London on 10 August 1895;
  • Descendants of Francis & Elizabeth Playle née Pask, who married in October 1782 in Stambourne, Essex. Additional details will be provided in the next website update, as updated by Geoffrey Brightwell, via GenesReunited.
  • A new family group - Chart 43: John Pask (1769-1835), who lived in Northamptonshire & Cambridgeshire
Many thanks to everyone who have contributed. A full list of these recent changes to the narratives is available in the New or Changed Narratives section. There are now 7,682 narratives available.