Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Descendants of James & Mary Pask née Allen

This information relates to the Purple-Icon tree - descendants of John & Frances Pask née Haffinden who originated from Thundersley, Essex.

Last July, in the blog titled Descendants of James & Mary Pask née Allen, I wrote that I had been in contact with Margaret Robinson who has a very slight connection to the Pask family in New Zealand. Earlier this week, Dianne Baird e-mailed us. We have not be in touch with Dianne for some time. In the past she has provided us with a lot on information on the descendants of John & Frances Pask née Haffinden.

Dianne writes:

Allen is my fathers youngest brother and therefore he is the son of Raymond James Pask and Winifred Ward. That’s makes him the grandson of Ernest Pask and Ellen Ellergy and the great grandson of James Pask and Maria Mitchell.
Dianne mentions that their children are Sharlene, Shaine or Shayne, and Tracey. Kevin is Sharlene’s husband. The confusion is probably that when Sharlene and Kevin got married, Kevin originally took the Pask name but they now have changed to his name of Mulgrew.

Many thanks Dianne for the clarification. This information has been included, and available in the next website update.