Sunday, February 03, 2008

George & Elizabeth Mason née Pask

This information relates to a currently unidentified main branch of the family with roots in London.

This morning, I received an inquiry from Larry Young. He writes:

There is but one Pask in my family tree, the name having come from two Birth Certificates. I am, however at a brick wall of sorts as I am unable to find a marriage certificate, and the surname Pask seems to be frequently misspelt as Park.

What I know about "my" Elizabeth Pask can be found at

Elizabeth was born c1824-27 in Middlesex, and married George Mason c1843. They had four children - James, Elizabeth, George, and Lucy. She was a widow in the 1861 census. Also listed was a nephew James Nye aged 18 also born in Middlesex.

I have searched our database, and unfortunately cannot find the marriage, or 1841 census. I also searched for Park, and other main variants. However like Larry, drew a blank.

Can anyone help with Larry's brickwall?