Sunday, February 25, 2007

Australian Pasks

Yesterday, and today, I received further information from Colleen Willis, our dedicated Australian researcher, who lives in Queensland.

She has been looking at Queensland records and found some really good leads:

Joseph Pask arrived Brisbane on the "Bulimba" March 1887 when he was 21. Joseph originated from Blankney in Lincolnshire, and was a descendant of John & Susannah Pask née Empingham who lived in Timberland, Lincolnshire. Joseph married Martha Edwards on 5 July 1892. They had eight children between 1893 and 1912:

  1. Edward Joseph b. 2 May 1893, he married 1924 Hazel Knowles
  2. Stanley John b. 24 October 1894
  3. Susannah May b. 22 May 1896 m. 1924 Horace Gibbons
  4. Allan Roy b. 2 January 1898 m. 1925 Alice Hawley
  5. Donald b. 28 January 1906
  6. Clarence Wilton b. 14 November 1907 m. 1933 Maud Brumpton
  7. Dolena b. 8 November 1909
  8. Colin Keith b. 27 April 1912

Additionally Colleen provided information on other Australian immigrants:

  • Rosetta Pask who married 26 May 1883 to William Stokes
  • William Partington Pask who m. c 1878 to Margaret Stewart, they had eight children.
  • Captain Walter Pask born 1906, Durham, his next-of-kin given as Margaret - he served in World War II.
  • Ernest George William born 1924 London, next-of-kin Alfred, also served in World War II.
  • Lambert Pask, (son of Lambert and Charlotte) he was married to Alice Hinkley. He died 1919, in Chatswood (N.S.W.)

We will do some further research on these Australians in the near future. In the meantime, many thanks to Colleen for this information.