Wednesday, January 31, 2007

John & Elizabeth Pask née White - Gloucestershire

This information relates to a currently unidentified main branch of the family with roots in Gloucestershire.

Bob Shewman wrote from Ontario, Canada. He is researching a Pask connection to his Carley family. Bob has provided extensive information on John & Elizabeth Pask née White who lived in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire. John was a Shoemaker, and was born in Cheltenham c1834.

Bob writes:

According to the 1868 marriage record of John Pask (GRO Sep 1868 Evesham Vol. 6c Pg 407 No. 115) his father’s name is Philip Pask, a farmer. They married on July 4, 1868.

I have searched the database, and cannot currently locate any additional information on Philip Pask, or John Pask.

Bob details in his extensive information on John & Elizabeth, and their descendants, that they immigrated to Canada in 1882. Shortly afterwards John was killed by a railway train on June 27, 1883. Elizabeth then married James Meacham on October 16, 1883.

Bob's information will be included in the database in the near future.