Saturday, September 30, 2006

Adolphus Tesdorpf & Amy Lee Forrest née Pask

Recently John Morton Cross contacted us about the family of Adolphus Tesdorpf & Amy Lee Forrest née Pask. John is their great-grandson.

John originally provided a transcription of a handwritten "Family Register" that details the descendants of James Pask and Ellen Levy, who were the parents of Amy Lee Pask. Yesterday, he kindly provided an image of this superb and unique document.

He writes:

The document is unsigned and could be in two differing hands, albeit similar. It is slightly ragged down its left hand side and could have been removed from some form of book. The form on which it was written was printed by J.F. Tallis London.
Over the next few days we will include the information in the database, and this will be included in the next website update.