Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Website Update 11 July 2006

We have just returned from a holiday cruising the Hawaiian islands to celebrate Stuart's 76th birthday on the 4th July, in true American style in Waikiki Bay. However as I am an early riser, and Stuart likes to sleep late, I still had the opportunity to work on family history.

This update focuses on:

  • Information gleaned from marriage transcripts from Thingoe Registration District (see separate blog), as kindly provided by Sandra Stevens. I have tried to research each couple as much as possible, and follow through on their descendants.
  • Information from the obituary of Grace Isabella Pask née Soloman, who immigrated to Canada, as provided by Chris Bell and Leslie Mancell. This also included births, marriages, and deaths from the Chatham Daily News.
  • Information received from Ian Black on the descendants of Thomas & Hannah Pask née Parish. This included their grandson Bertram Lionel Pask, who died in WWI, prior to the birth of his son Gordon Mons Aisne Pask.
  • Information received from Samantha Williams née Spinner relating to the descendants of Thomas & Annie Pask née Maskill who lived in Llanvihangel Llantarnamin.

A full list of these recent changes to the narratives is available in the New or Changed Narratives section. The narratives database now includes 5,751 people.